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Security Prompts For Escalator

The escalator bring us convenient when we go to shopping mall while we can not ignore the accident happened at escalator.

Our KingSound install in the Escalator to remind people be careful and do not play on the Escalator, in China, the shopping mall , subway station and bus station all installed to play the security audio, for example ”Please hold the handrail and take your belongs when you go up and down the stairs.

The KingSound has following features:

  1. Motion sensor can be accurately recognized when a person passes by and play sound.
  2. Support external trigger control, timing play, interval time play.
  3. MP3 audio format playback, beautiful sound quality.
  4. Support Wi-Fi connection, use the mobile APP to set the timing, easy to operate.
  5. 1 ~ 50 sets of timing data can be set.
  6. Voice update is convenient, you can automatically update the voice files by U disk.
  7. Built-in flash memory, the duration of voice playback can be customized according to customer needs.
  8. Can set the loop playback function.
  9. With clock display function, the current time will be automatically updated after connecting the phone.
  10. Built-in 8Ω / 2W amplifier.

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