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sold 700 000 motion sensor speakers in last few years, 300+ happy customers worldwide

we are leading manufacturer in the sound devices, industrial signaling devices, get quote in 12 hours, 7×24 hours online service, MOQ as low as 1, fast delivery within 1-2 days

Featured Categories

Motion Activated Sound Device

Boasts WayTronic high quality mp3 chips. Play sound when sensor is triggered. Indoor and outdoor versions are available. Support high quality MP3 music and changing sound freely. Suitable for advertising, security alert and audio guidance.

Elevator Annunciator

No need to connect with elevator control system, suitable for most elevator brand。 Can announce elevator up/down, which floor is arrived, audio advertising, elevator fault alarm. Support any language

Call Recording Earphone

No need for recording app, stable performance. Can recording no only incoming/out-coming phone calls, but also social apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Viber. Recording phone calls can be download and share with no limitation

Signaling Devices

Warning light, audible signal devices, visual alarm, audible alarm, emergency signaling devices. with ATEX logo. Support DC9-30V, AC110V-380V, or built in lithium battery power supply. 485 communication.

Who Are We

As a voice IC manufacturer in China, WayTronic boasts cutting-edge chip development skills and more than 60+ voice IC engineers.

By drawing on this technical advantage, WayTronic also develop sound-related products for industries and personal use. such as motion-activated sound devices, signaling devices, elevator voice announcement systems, and call recording earphones.

WayTronic also offers OEM&ODM services than can boost your brand and business dramatically. 

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

We are trading company, and have been working with WayTronic for more than 5 years.
We are mainly dealing with voice signaling devices, such as motion activated alarm, visual alarm.
WayTronic has its own factory and engineering department, They support small batch customization. Their factory works efficiently since they deliver our goods faster than my expectation. and I have to say, those products perform very well.
I think it is because WaytTronic design and produce its own voice chips, so they can control the quality of the core component.
Changhie Trading Company
Trading Company
WayTronic has experienced salesman to serve distributors like us. They know what we need.
They upgrade and develop new products regularly for the market. Every time there are new products ready to launch we get samples from their factory soon. In this way we can satisfy the needs of our own distribution network firstly so as to maintain the market share
WayTronic's owner Mr. Lee share the same viewpoint with ours. He respect our market and provide us with what we do not have, so it is a win-win business, and a reliable supplier.
I am small business owner operating projects for local companies and organizations. WayTronic really help us a lot in the growth of our business.
I am very happy to have a professional partner like WayTronic. They have huge engineer team(60 engineers) that can give total solution for our projects.
From design and prototype to certification and mass-production, the factory can handle all the processes with one-stop solution.
Furthermore, they can even help you customize models to meet the requirements of our market.
Akash Contractor

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