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Motion Activated Voice Player On ATM

Did you remember to lock the door when you deposit/withdraw money at ATM? Did you check if the ATM socket is abnormal? Did you guard against being followed by others after withdrawing money? Most of us ignore these little details, which leads to the loss of property, Based on such factors, ATM machines have been installed with human body induction voice prompter,The Waytronic’s Isound series is a commonly used motion sensor detector on the market.

Install the Isound human induction voice reminder at the entrance of ATM machines, If people get close to an ATM machine and are about to enter the door, This smart motion sensor Isound will remind people warmly:“Please lock the door when you enter; please pay attention to whether there is any abnormal situation at the ATM socket; please do not easily transfer the money into the account provided by strangers to prevent being cheated; be careful not to be followed by others when you go out, in case of emergency, please press the front help button.”

There are obvious differences between ATM with and without voice reminder, According to the surveillance video, less than 30% of the people who move to the ATM close the door. After listening to the voice prompt, the closing rate is almost 100%. It can be seen that it is an ideal choice for ATM to install a motion voice player.

The induction range of the Isound human body induction voice reminder is sector 120 degrees, the induction mode is PIR infrared human body induction, the induction distance is adjustable within 4 meters, with intelligent recognition two-way induction function, volume adjustment function, voice can be replaced, single and full song modes can be selected, external power amplifier can be connected, external trigger can be used, etc. to meet the needs of various occasions.

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