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OEM/ODM Services



Waytronic does manufacturing. We design and manufacture some of the most diverse and innovative unit that related with sound.

In fact, it’s not possible to understand Waytronic completely without understanding our commitment to manufacturing. We will continuously pursue innovation in the design, development, production and marketing of quality products and services that satisfy the needs of trade professionals and the end-user. While invisible at the time of installation, this commitment is always present and alive in every product. We ensure quality, efficiency and savings. And it serves us well because it serves our customers well.


With an experienced staff and a devoted engineering center, Waytronic is capable of developing product from idea to finish product, the engineering solutions capabilities like graphic design, 3D model design, cross categories consolidations.

Your business will provide us with a product specification, and our engineers will immediately get to work with:

Idea Creation

Drafting Blueprints

Building Prototypes


Regulatory Testing

Flexible Delivery Dates Based on Project Requirements

When it comes to Original Equipment Manufacturing, OEM, Waytronic is ready to help supplement your company’s business – regardless of customer type. We even serve personalized needs by either making or modifying product to suit your needs during the development period.

For your custom projects, we take your drawings and specifications to create precisely what you need, every time. We redesign and fabricate to whatever result you require.

Waytronic maintains high customization standards and performs a calculated inspection according to the mandates of the ISO 9001 certification standard. The whole process is traceable. And business relationships are long term and protected.

Below are conventional procedures of an OEM/ODM program:

 Send us an e-mail about your requirement of OEM/ODM products.

 Send us your design files of LOGO & blister cards & boxes & other materials.

 We will quote you the product prices and research and development cos.

 Send us a purchase order, then we could manufacture the products for you.

 You could start to promote the unit with your brand and we will provide you technical support.


We not only invent product for our customers, we design and fabricate the motion activated sound device, siren alarm, alarm system for outdoor and dies that make the product. Our process innovation also controls manufacturing costs, providing constant, reliable value to the customer, year after year. This is important because it ensures exact product tolerances are achieved and helps us to give our customers an edge.

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