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Motion Activated Speaker Outdoor Can Reduce The Occurrence Of Drowning Accidents

Every summer, rivers and reservoirs are places where people like to gather, so a large number of drowning accidents occur every year. Although these areas generally have warning signs and fences, only visual warning can not improve people’s vigilance, resulting in the traditional warning methods can not dissuade them in time and effectively.

In view of the potential safety hazards existing in the current reservoir, Weichuang Zhiyin can effectively reduce drowning accidents by integrating vision and hearing through scientific and technological means such as intelligent sensing and voice warning! The product adopts mature microwave human body sensing technology and is powered by solar energy. When detecting the passing of human body, it can quickly sense and broadcast voice. Different voice contents can be changed at any time according to different applications (voice can be changed freely, different voice contents can be placed according to field requirements, and voice contents can be customized for you free), To achieve different playback effects, it is not affected by temperature, humidity, noise, air flow, dust, light, etc., and is suitable for harsh environment. When someone passes into the sensing area, there will be a voice reminder “the water depth is dangerous. Please don’t engage in dangerous behaviors such as fishing, barbecue, swimming and playing in the water”. At present, this product is widely used in water sources, forest scenic spots, high-pressure areas, construction sites, military forbidden areas and other warnings and reminders.

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