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Introduction Of Escalator Safety Voice Prompt

With the modernization of society and the continuous development of science and technology, escalators do bring people a lot of convenience, but they also bring people a lot of potential safety hazards. Small to fall and bump, big to life-threatening; A large part of the reason for these accidents is that people do not correctly follow the relevant requirements of taking escalators. So now many escalators in shopping malls are equipped with safety voice prompt devices, so that people can warmly prompt some safety precautions when taking escalators, which can more effectively avoid some safety accidents.

Shenzhen Weichuang Zhiyin Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of voice safety products. From the perspective of life safety, our company has developed this escalator safety voice prompt device, which can be used in all occasions with potential safety accidents. Some warm voice prompts of escalators, such as going up and down escalators, Please don’t run, don’t jump, don’t make trouble, lean to the right, don’t play with your mobile phone, hold it tightly, pay attention to the escalators under your feet, warm tips, etc;

Escalator safety voice prompt device is a technology that uses the principle of infrared pyroelectricity to sense human activity information. When people enter the sensing range, they can accurately identify, detect and passively sense the information of human activities. It is like the eyes of a cat. It does not rely on light. Even in a dark environment, it can work stably and reliably, overcome the lack of light sensing, and escalator safety tips can fundamentally reduce the occurrence of escalator accidents in public places, so that people taking escalators can solve all their worries, and make our scientific and technological society develop into a civilized and harmonious society.

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