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  • Door magnetic induction triggers to play voice; induction distance is 2 cm.
  • Adopt WT2003 voice chip; welcome mode and alarm mode are alternative(trigger to play the first voice regularly).
  • A button is to choose the next one and switch between A and B mode; B button is to adjust volume and switch mode between trigger with interruption and trigger without interruption.
  • A mode is all loop play; B mode is single playback.
  • Power-off memory mode; default mode is B mode, trigger with interruption.
  • Through PC software, direct to update voice by USB cable connected to computer.
  • Adopt 3 AAA batteries or USB to supply power, choosing only one power supply mode. When download voice, take out the batteries first, then connect with computer to replace voice.
  • Built-in 8 ohm 1w speaker.


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